Stevie Appleby
Stevie Appleby
Stevie Appleby (Steven Kay) appears in the Season 6 episode "Lucy and Superman".
Vital information
Gender: Male
Personal and Family information
Character information
Son of Caroline and Charlie Appleby and playmate to Little Ricky who appears at his birthday party, along with actor George Reeves, who appears as Superman at Little Ricky's party at Lucy's request
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: "Lucy and Superman" in Season 6
Character played by: Steven Kay
I Love Lucy Wiki Script

Stevie Appleby was the son of Caroline and Charlie Appleby who appeared in three episodes of I Love Lucy who appeared in the season 6 episode "Lucy and Superman". The part of Stevie is played by former child actor Steven Kay.

About StevieEdit

Stevie Appleby was born at 12 noon on January 15, 1953. For some reason, Stevie was born in California, despite his parents being from New York. He is the only child the Applebys have, and he is spoiled. He was declared "most beautiful baby in the world" on TV by Lucy Ricardo when he was a year old. He and Little Ricky grew up as best friends, and Stevie was more than happy to go see Superman at Little Ricky's fifth birthday party. Stevie stayed close with Little Ricky even after the Ricardos moved to Connecticut. Once after the move, Little Ricky visited the Applebys for the weekend. Stevie and Little Ricky supposedly went to the zoo and to a Dodgers' game together.

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