Grace Munson
The Munsons
Grace Munson (played by Ruth Brady) with husband Harry (Tristam Coffin) in the episode "Country Club Dance" in Season 6.
Vital information
Gender: Female
Personal and Family information
Character information
Housewife and homemaker; a friend, along with husband Harry, of the Mertzes and Ricardos
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: "The Club Election" in Season 2 and "Country Club Dance" in Season 6
Character played by: Hazel Pierce and Ruth Brady
I Love Lucy Wiki Script

Grace Munson is the wife of Harry Munson who appears in two episodes of I Love Lucy: "The Club Election" in Season 2 and "Country Club Dance" in Season six. The part of Grace was first played by Hazel Pierce, who also appears in 16 other episodes in various characters, and then by actress Ruth Brady in Season 6.

About GraceEdit

When she lived in New York, Grace served as treasurer of the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League, starting in 1953. Sometime before 1957, she moved to Westport, Connecticut with her husband, Harry, and her son, Billy. A member of the Westport Historical Society, Grace makes grape jelly from her vineyards and churns her own butter. She also raises chickens. She is the one responsible for making Lucy want to move to the country. When Lucy visited the Munsons one weekend, Grace showed her what "a great life one can have in Westport". Plus, Grace gave Lucy some of her homemade butter and grape jelly to take home, as well as fresh eggs from her chickens! Grace lives about a mile away from the Ricardos' house.

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