Diana Jordan
Barbara Eden - Diana in I Love Lucy
Diana Jordan (Barbara Eden) is a sexy young socialite which Fred, Ricky and Ralph Ramsey, as well as the other husbands, go wild for at a local dance in the Season 6 episode "Country Club Dance".
Vital information
Gender: Female
Height 5'5"
Personal and Family information
Character information
Pretty young socialite and beauty queen that Ricky, Fred and Ralph Ramsey go nuts over at a dance, much to the chagrin of their wives
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: "Country Club Dance" in Season 6
Character played by: Barbara Eden
I Love Lucy Wiki Script

Diana Jordan is a young, buxom, sexy-looking blonde socialite who appears on I Love Lucy in the episode "Country Club Dance" in Season Six of the series. The part of Diana is played by a young Barbara Eden, who would become well known later as Jeannie in the NBC-TV series I Dream Of Jeannie opposite Larry Hagman and Bill Daily.

About DianaEdit

At a club dance, Ricky, Fred, and Ralph Ramsey shower attention on the sultry young blonde (portrayed by a then-unknown 26-year-old Barbara Eden in an early role), much to the chagrin of their wives. The wives, feeling left out in the cold by the husbands, decide to "spice things up" a little, making themselves look more glamorous to their Diana-ogling hubbies!!